Publisher’s note: I’ve maintained a consistent public editorial line over the past month that the most prudent course of action in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is to follow the recommendations on social distancing, even to the point of being supportive of a temporary suspension of public Masses. I have argued in favor of the availability of other sacraments, such as confession, baptism, and last rites, under reasonable precautions. Not everyone who works for 1P5 and not everyone in our audience agrees fully with the position I’ve taken, and I acknowledge that.

I recognize that there is still much we do not know, and as the situation stretches on even while new treatments are being evaluated — and threatens to do so indefinitely —  a point is coming where we will have to adapt and find new strategies for returning to many of the normal functions of daily life or risk even greater dangers. Our spiritual life is obviously a priority in this regard.

As publisher, I feel a profound responsibility to use this platform for the good, and as such, I will continue to promote what I believe, in conscience, to be the best and most prudent courses of action as pertains to the impact of this pandemic on Catholic life. At the same time, I think viewpoints such as the following, although they may be somewhat at odds with my own, deserve serious consideration as we work together to identify the best ways to preserve lives but also keep the faith and save souls. 

Praise the Lord

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