I was struck as I finished up reading over a small volume of letters by the great English writer Evelyn Waugh, author of such treasures as Brideshead Revisited, Love Among the Ruins, A Handful of Dust and numerous others, that this was the day he died, on April 10th, 1966, which was, fittingly, Easter Sunday.

wikipedia.orgEvelyn Waugh, a convert who entered the Catholic Church on September 29th, 1930 as a 26 year old, always loved the Mass, and his novels evince a deep immersion in his Faith. He is, in the truest sense of the word, a Catholic novelist, with an uncanny ability to show and not tell, to leave you with a sense that the Faith, even if it be hidden and submerged, is not only true, but holds everything together, without which, the centre truly cannot hold.

The slim book, published by Ignatius Press, is a series of letters, given and received, on Waugh’s thoughts on the changes in the Mass after Vatican II, implemented in his final years. Needless to say, perhaps, Mr. Waugh, was not, and we may repeat not, a fan of the ‘changes’ made in the wake of the Council – and that is putting things mildly

Praise the Lord

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