Faced with the health crisis that the world is experiencing, the Colombian Catholic Church in its archdioceses, dioceses, and vicariates is working tirelessly with local administrations, universities, institutions, and social organizations to provide assistance aid to those who need it most. This is underlined by the press release issued by the Social Pastoral/Caritas Colombia, sent to Fides News Agency in which it is recalled that the health emergency due to Covid-19 affects all people, but it is much more difficult for those who do not have a permanent job, suffer from previous illnesses, are homeless, live on the street, have had to emigrate, and generally for all people who are in a situation of economic and social vulnerability.

To deal with these emergencies, the Church has launched various initiatives by providing food, funding, accommodation and psychosocial support in different areas of the country, thanks to the support of hundreds of people who make economic donations, to serve the more vulnerable.

The most common and important aid, the press release specifies, is the delivery of non-perishable food, to contribute to the nutrition of the people and families who need it most, including people who live on the street, street vendors or the elderly. These resources are obtained through donations made by other people and families through the parishes, and also with the support of some businessmen, in coordination with the local, regional and national administration and in some cases even with the support of international organizations.

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