“Do not forget the South of the world, migrants and refugees, continue to help countries facing war and poverty” is the invitation that Caritas Internationalis (CI) has addressed to governments in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Each of the 165 national Caritas has put in place projects and measures to support the populations affected by the pandemic and to prevent the virus from spreading in countries where this it is still in its infancy”, explained Aloysius John, during an online press conference with the general secretary of Caritas Internationalis, Aloysius John on April 3, 2020, with some journalists in which Agenzia Fides also took part.

Among the key points reported by the General Secretary, first of all the awareness of the global population and the accompaniment of the most vulnerable groups. “Everyone – he remarked – has the right to receive the right orientation to avoid getting infected. We must not lose sight of those poor countries that could be more helpless and in need of global solidarity. In areas such as Syria, South Sudan, Africa in general, the epidemic could lead to a humanitarian disaster. The health system situation in these areas is fragile, our emergency department is mobilized, and we work together with the Holy See to identify what the needs are and how we can help. The different Caritas of the continent are being organized, in connection with the local Episcopal Conferences”.

“In particular, Caritas is very active throughout Africa to increase awareness so that information reaches even the most remote communities, which can thus equip themselves to prevent the spread of the infection”, said Suzanna Tkalec, CI’s humanitarian director, and added that in Rwanda for example, Caritas started broadcasting awareness messages through diocesan radio even before there was only one case of COVID-19 and that Caritas Kenya is recruiting doctors and nurses to be hired to address the situation if it gets out of control.

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