By Wm. Kurelek, Art Gallery of OntarioBenedict Ambrose heard foxes barking and wailing in our garden during the night. He reflected upon waking that our hens would have been goners, had we panic-bought any. I read yesterday in the  Spectator that the chi-chi chicken coop company Omlet has had “a 66% rise in sales” and that breeders are “out of pullets.”

“This pandemic is like a vast psychological experiment,” I said–and by the way, how sad it is that the pandemic is the first thing I think about every morning.

Apparently vast numbers of  people are doing the same things: panic-buying toilet paper, tins and flour; then panic-buying all the rest of the food in supermarkets (and latterly in ethnic shops); then ceasing to panic-buy when “Take only 3” signs appear; and then having enormous clear-outs of closets and throwing the garbage in the streets and country lanes.

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