My brothers and sisters, there is no greater time to be Catholic than now. We have a tremendous opportunity at this moment to enter the prayer closet and worship Him with abandon. Fellow humans are dying from what the government calls an “unseen enemy,” referring to the Covid-19 virus that has infected more than a million (as of this writing), with hundreds of thousands dying around the world.

We are self-quarantining everywhere. When we meet friends, we keep a minimum of six-feet away. When we shop for food, we cover our faces. We see our streets empty. Those we see rarely smile. When we arrive home, we wash our hands over and over again. We hear heartbreaking stories of loved ones dying alone, separated from family. Yet we know that the love of God that surpasses all understanding upholds those who call upon Him. Grace prevails in times of hardship.

In the Sacramental Wilderness

Praise the Lord

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