April 17: Bright Friday; Our Venerable Father Simeon of Persia (341); the Venerable Acacius, Bishop of Melitene (431-50)

Matins on Bright Friday Priest: Glory to the holy, consubstantial, life-giving and undivided Trinity, always, now and forever and ever. All: Amen. Paschal Troparion Christ is risen from the dead,* trampling death by death,* and to those in the tombs* giving life! (3) Verses from Psalm 67: Let God arise and let His enemies be […]

Praise the Lord

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Wherein an irritated Fr. Z recounts today’s fight with Old Scratch

In November of 2018 when the late Bp. Morlino died, I was in Paris.  I was able to celebrate a Requiem Mass for him in Notre-Dame – before the fire! –  in the chapel of the Crown of Thorns.  Shortly after, still in Paris, I was hit by a motorcycle.  As often happens with experiences like this, the details come back later.  I had the strong sensation of being pushed into the street, in the sight of Notre-Dame.

Today, the day after the anniversary of the burning of Notre-Dame (which I think was arson) and my posting about it, with a recording of its bells which are supposed to repel demonic influence, I specifically, aloud, asked God to help me get something right in my interpretation of Christ’s odd words to Mary Magdalen (from whom Christ had cast seven devils), “Do not cling to me” and the use of the Greek middle voice imperative.  Sermon video HERE.

After Mass I started the Leonine Prayers.  I had the strongest sensation of being choked.  I muddled through to the end.  But I was really pissed off.  I couldn’t conclude anything other than this was a harassment by the Enemy.

Praise the Lord

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Out-of-state travel to Arkansas abortion clinic continues, despite coronavirus concerns

Little Rock, Ark., Apr 16, 2020 / 07:00 pm (CNA).- Health authorities have said an emergency ban on elective abortions in Arkansas was necessary to limit the number of women traveling from other states, and possibly bringing the coronavirus with them.

Though the fate of the ban is now in the federal courts, one observer said that the state’s abortion clinic appears to be making the state an “abortion destination” attracting women from out-of-state.

“If the Arkansas Department of Health and the governor’s office have found that a ban on elective surgeries is needed to protect public health during this pandemic, then this decision should be respected and followed by surgical providers, including this abortion provider,” Catherine Phillips of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Little Rock’s Respect Life Office told CNA April 16.

Praise the Lord

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Vignarola romana and using up left overs with stuff in the freezer

The other day I noticed some cheese name for St. Rocco, who is a patron saint invoked against disease and pandemic. I took it as a sign that I should buy it… to help against the Coronavirus, you know.  Trying to do my best for you.

Sometimes I miss Rome… a lot.  I had planned to be there, pretty much now and into May.  Sigh.

When I miss Rome, I bring Rome to me… in my kitchen.

Praise the Lord

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