At the Easter Vigil, the journey along the paths of sacred Scripture begins with the account of creation. This is the liturgy’s way of telling us that the creation story is itself a prophecy. It is not information about the external processes by which the cosmos and man himself came into being. The Fathers of the Church were well aware of this. They did not interpret the story as an account of the process of the origins of things, but rather as a pointer towards the essential, towards the true beginning and end of our being.[emphasis added] Pope Benedict XVI speaking at Easter Vigil


This is the second of two articles that give Catholics justification to believe that evolution, both cosmological and biological, does not contradict Catholic teaching.   The first gave a brief summary of the scientific evidence for evolution directed by a Supreme Intelligence, which we call God.  In this article I’ll examine what a literal  interpretation (and that means word for word) of the  Genesis Creation story involves.

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