Lately, I’ve seen a lot of ads implying that singleness, or at least childlessness, is a great thing. The implications range from a women’s subscription box called “Single Swag,” to an adults-only cruise line, and, even, on the more extreme end, multiple people who “married” themselves. While I don’t see anything wrong with occasional treats like subscription boxes and cruises (though attempting to marry oneself has its own set of problems) this overt obsession with singleness and childlessness reveals some problems of first-world society.

The Glorification of Singleness

In the first place, this glorification of singleness over other states of life shows that society doesn’t understand the good of all the different vocations. However, that by itself is relatively understandable in a secular society—vocations like the religious life are alien to it. Why else, then, is singleness not only glorified but glorified so much that certain persons would now attempt to rebrand it as “marriage?”

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