While a new Saint Leo University poll shows Americans’ favorable opinion of the Catholic Church remains almost the same as in November, the public’s opinion of the Church’s leader Pope Francis dipped.

As part of a Catholic university, founded on Benedictine traditions, the Saint Leo University Polling Institute (http://polls.saintleo.edu) conducts surveys on topics that affect Catholics and the public’s opinion of Pope Francis. The most recent poll was conducted online from February 17 through February 22, among 1,000 total respondents nationally.

Overall favorable opinion (strongly and somewhat favorable) of the Catholic Church in the United States was 43.6 percent in February 2020—up from 42.0 percent in November 2019. As the poll has an associated margin of error of +/- 3.0 percentage points, the results are statistically the same. In April 2019, the favorable opinion measured at 40.1 percent.

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