I thought it would be spiritually helpful to me to compose and reflect upon notes from a week of quarantine. I hope you find these helpful to you, especially in comparing them to your own thoughts. It is unusual that so many of us are facing the same predicament and yet in the isolation of quarantine.

Until 5:00 pm on a recent Friday, I was preparing for another week of work. My direct supervisor had told us in a meeting that the superintendent of schools didn’t intend to close the schools. Everything seemed normal at church as well. I had gone to a few Masses and actually received the Eucharist on my tongue without any comment from the priest.

Then came the news that the schools were closed for a week. A few days later, the school closure was extended to three weeks. That same day at evening Mass, the priest refused to give me the Eucharist on my tongue. The start of the next week continued to bring surprises. Churches and gyms closed, while restaurants and cafes started only serving takeout. Given the seemingly erratic nature of the closures and announcements, it’s hardly surprising that many people have been trying to predict more massive and sweeping steps in the next few weeks. It seems clear that the media wants at least to hint that some of the measures, taken in other areas of the country, could be coming soon. Human beings seem to need to understand and to some extent to control their situations. Making these predictions is one way I think we try to do that.

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