Lent: Saints & Virtue: Week THREE

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Week TWO: March 8-14 Quick Bio: St.Thérèse was born in 1873 and “from the age of three, …began to refuse nothing of what God asked of [her]”. Her mother passed away when St. Therese was only four years old. St.Thérèse entered the convent at the age of fifteen (requesting permission from the Pope). Four of […]

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Pope Francis will lead Sunday Angelus via video over coronavirus fears

Vatican City, Mar 7, 2020 / 12:30 pm (CNA).- Pope Francis will lead the Sunday Angelus prayer via video link, the Vatican has announced. The pope will also hold this week’s Wednesday general audience in the same way. The decision was taken in response to ongoing concerns about the spread of coronavirus in Italy and Vatican City.

Traditionally, the pope leads the Angelus from the balcony of the Apostolic Palace overlooking St. Peter’s Square and holds the general audience either in the square or in the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican. Both events will now be held in the library of the Apostolic Palace and live streamed.

The decision to hold the events by video broadcast only was announced in a communique issued by the Vatican press office on March 7.

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Pentin on Debate over Benedict XVI’s Resignation and Role as Pope Emeritus

It has become arguably the most contentious topic among orthodoxy-loving Catholics in the Church today – did Benedict XVI truly resign the papacy, and, consequently, was Pope Francis legitimately elected, and is he a true pope?

There are quite a number of theories surrounding this interlinked pair of questions. Theories drawn from canon law, from interior intentions, from Latin grammar, and even from little more than circumstantial evidence (ie., Benedict still dresses like a pope and is addressed as “pope” so is he still the pope?).

What can be said with certainty about this issue is that it has struck division deep into the group of Catholics who are most opposed to the novelties and errors of the pontificate of Francis, and has become a significant distraction from that work. It has divided the resistance to heterodoxy, the immune system, as it were, of the Church, as expressed by those of her members who hold fast to the Sensus Fidei.

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