The public teachers of Ontario – including the Catholic Board, still holding that title, with not much to show for it, but more on that in a moment – staged a province-wide walk-out yesterday. I saw a number of them as I left Mass at the cathedral, right across the road. They were all teachers, support workers, educational assistants, teaching at ‘Cathedral School’. Of course, none of them were in attendance, for signaling – their placards shouting ‘Reverse the Tax Cuts!’ – seems to take precedence over sacrifice. If their cause is so heart-felt, even spiritual, why not start one’s daily with the daily Bread of Christ’s own Body and Blood?

But I digress, I suppose, for the whole system has lost its vision, its raison d’etre, in a more fundamental sense. As the quotation from Belloc yesterday made clear, an educational system that is totally under the control of the government – that is, socialist – is a disaster waiting to unfold. It may work for a time, but the State will have its way, for he who pays the bills calls the shots. And as the State becomes more ideological, more transgressive, more dictatorial, more anti-Christian – in a word, more evil – then so will all the ‘services’ the State has under its control, from health care, to education, to land ownership, or the lack thereof.

And the Church loses – in fact, gives away freely and meekly – her own God-given authority, which she is duty-bound before the same God to use in cause of freedom and truth.

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