I’ve often heard people say that whenever they make a decision – whether it’s about a career, a religious calling, marriage, settling in another place, or working in a foreign land – they ask God for a sign. “Lord, give me a sign!” is the mantra of those wishing to discern God’s will to find direction. There is a downside to this practice, though. In most instances, people ask for God’s sign when they need a quick fix to their problems about relationships and money.

Life-Changing Situations as “Signs”

A priest once said that God works through our decisions and through events that we sometimes consider inconsequential or take for granted; events that may occur over the course of many years. I’d like to think that finding God’s will is more like finding His desire for our spiritual good and that of our loved ones over a period of time.  It’s probably not at all like finding it in one fell swoop or in just one event or situation.

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