Another cold day.  Thank you God for the heated car seat!  I planned to visit the camels once again before Christmas but decide to stop to see Reddy, the fox.  He is close to the entrance of the zoo.

Today I discover a reason Mr. Fox seems to hide somewhere in his compound every time I appear.  The ticket taker tells me his name is Simon, not Reddy!  Trudging out of the entrance pavilion I easily get to the fox compound with the wind at my back.  And, on cue, Simon is sitting on the platform to greet me even in a frigid -15 C.

For years I’ve been intrigued by the wily red fox, with its pointed triangular ears, flat head, slightly upturned snout, and especially its long bushy tail.  Apparently fox are light on their feet and swift.  But their life span is short, only 2 – 5 years.

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