I’m convinced that I am a little bit insane. (“Only a little bit?” I hear you say)

Not only that, I’m really convinced that almost everybody else is. However, let me define my terms. By ‘insane’ I don’t mean bat-shit crazy, eye rolling drooling insane. Instead I mean that we do not have a total grip on reality. We see things askew. We have a blind spot or two or three.

Because of this we mis-judge people. We jump to negative conclusions. We gossip. We assume the worst. Our insecurities produce in us a twinge or paranoia. Our ambition and ego result in a flicker of delusions of grandeur. Our fear surfaces as suspicion of others and accusation. We blame others and accuse and suspect when they probably aren’t to blame–or at least they are not totally to blame. However, we can’t see it. We really are blind to the problem.

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