Parenting today is tough. It used to be that all we had to worry about was keeping our lids away from the bad group of kids in the neighborhood. Nowadays we still have that concern but there’s a whole new dimension. With the advent if the internet are kids now have the ability to access not only any person but just about anything, most of which we would rather they did not. So what is a parent to do? Dr. Ray Guarendi provides timely guidance and valuable insight in his book Raising Upright Kids in an Upside Down World.

The challenges are real. It seems that never before has the deck been stacked so high against us. We may think it is impossible to raise moral upstanding children in today’s society but that’s simply not the case. There is hope and Dr. Ray has the answers. Don’t give up just yet. Dr. Ray has the answers to being strong, confident parents in a society that has checked out morally.

In the book Dr. Ray takes a look at a number of key influences on our children that challenge us as parents today. The topics are varied and include the most problematic one cellphones. The issues caused by cellphones in youth today are numerous. From allowing kids to have easy access to porn, to the problems incurred through social media bullying, cellphones have changed the landscape of parenting today. On one hand we find comfort in the ability to be able to easily reach our children while away from home on the other we have very justified concerns about who and what they can access when we are not around. Sometimes it just comes down to taking the phone away or limiting access. Dr. Ray provides great insight on how to handle this.

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