Following the Law is about more than complying, more than just obeying; it is about fulfilling the Law in a much deeper way.

“And Jesus is aware that it’s not easy to live the Commandments in this profound and totalizing way,” the Pope said.  “So He offers us the help of His love: He came into the world not only to give fulfillment to the Law but also to give us His Grace, that that we can do the Will of God, loving Him and brothers.”

That was the focus of Pope Francis’ commentary February 16, 2020, before praying the noonday Angelus with the large crowds of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square. Basing his comments on the Gospel reading of the day, Matthew’s account of the Sermon on the Mount, the Holy Father explained Jesus’ desire to “help His listeners to have the right approach to the prescriptions of the Commandments given to Moses, exhorting them to be available to God who educates us to true freedom and responsibility through the Law.”

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