As Madeleine Albright gave her statement to the committee that would be securing her place as Secretary of State on January 23, 1997, she had this to say in regards to building a new framework for the new century:

“At the center of that framework ‘are our key alliances and relationships.  These are the bonds that hold together not only our own foreign policy but the entire international system.  When we are able to act cooperatively with the other leading nations, we create a dynamic web of principle, power, and purpose that elevates standards and propels progress around the globe.’  To seize the opportunities and defeat the perils we would face, I concluded, ‘we must be more than audience, more even than actors, we must be the authors of the history of our age.’” (Madame Secretary, A Memoir)

I love that line “authors of the history of our age,” as well as the philosophy that we must work together with other leading nations.

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