Recently as a homeschool project, our family created a Famous Artists Jar. We pick a new famous artist each week, from our pool of Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets, and Writers.  The kids take turns and love discovering someone new, foreign, or familiar each week in greater depth.  We take to the local library each week to peruse, discover, and ingest further our learnings and our research. We check out many books which may help us to better understand the artist under intense scrutiny. :).  (haha). 😆Inspired by my own children’s curiosity, I took to writing some poems, inspired by some of the greats. Although short and heavily inspired by outside source material, I have attempted to express my thoughts and espouse my opinions with as much care as I have had time to give each piece of writing.  And so without further ado, here are some poems I wrote over the past few weeks.

Time(inspired by Robert Frost)My time is fleeting here on earthThis moment masked by this amount of mirthThe hours on the clock fly byAnd what is left but time to sighWorry chokes my infinite breathsStopping time to pause before deathTo plan four months until, anewMy body to a baby’s birth given toThis era of life marked by my girthRound like a clockface, dust unto dirtI leave behind a legacy beyond timeFamily inheritance, my aspect, our lineFood and Cowardice(inspired by Basho)Try to swallow gourmet drinkdigest and chew meatMarinate,  but do not chokeCreativity(inspired by Shakespeare)Study, labor, vigor, vigorousVirtue lends itself to focusPassion comes from attentionInventiveness the result,Study the causeIf to effect, effective affectWanting one effectThe cause be loveA bird passes the moon,Over a mountain passA beautiful thing arousesNo abuse of forsworn intentof suspicion or wrong doingAn abject sprig of caution,To play with – and likethe bird in flight in night-to seek freedom,disdain attention, flattery

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