Dutch politicians push to debate last will pill again.

Alex Schadenberg

Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Assisted suicide is not the answer!According to an NL Times article by Janene Pieters, a recent study concerning the “completed life” has led Dutch politicians once again to demand a debate on the “last-will-pill”. Pieters reports:The D66 has been advocating for euthanasia at the end of a full life for some time, but the two Christian parties in the coalition CDA and ChristenUnie are dead set against it. The VVD also has its doubts. The D66 already announced that it will submit a proposal for assisted suicide for people who are tired of life within a few weeks.The “last-will-pill” or “completed life” debate concerns the legal right for physicians to assist the suicide of an otherwise healthy person who claims that their life is complete.

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Legionaries of Christ elect new superior general

Vatican City, Feb 6, 2020 / 08:51 pm (CNA).- During its general chapter meeting in Rome, the Legionaries of Christ religious order has elected a new superior general to lead the embattled religious congregation.

Fr. John Connor, LC,  has been the North American territorial director of the Legionaries of Christ since 2014. He will serve a six-year term as superior general of the religious order of priests.

Connor’s election comes during a time of widespread public criticism of the Legionaries of Christ, which reported in December 2019 that since its founding in 1941, 33 priests of the Legionaries of Christ have been found to have committed sexual abuse of minors, victimizing 175 children, according to the 2019 report.

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Francis fills two episcopal vacancies in Chile left by sex abuse scandal

Santiago, Chile, Feb 6, 2020 / 06:18 pm (CNA).- Pope Francis on Wednesday appointed bishops to the dioceses of Osorno and San Bartolomé de Chillán, both of which had been left vacant in 2018 amid the sex abuse scandal of the Church in Chile.

On Feb. 5 Bishop Jorge Enrique Concha Cayuqueo, O.F.M., was named Bishop of Osorno, and Father Sergio Hernán Pérez de Arce Arriagada, SS.CC., was named Bishop of San Bartolomé de Chillán. Both had been serving as apostolic administrators of their new respective sees.

The chanceries of both Osorno and  Chillán had been raided in September 2018 amid an investigation into sexual crimes against minors committed by members of the Church.

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1P5 Minute #21 – Amidst More Vatican Scandals, Bishops Want to Control Catholic Media?

On this episode of the 1P5 Minute, we look at the absolute disconnect between a Vatican that can’t stop pumping out scandal and the eagerness of some bishops (and the Orwellian Hobbits that support them) to try to control the very Catholic media that wants to keep the episcopacy accountable.

Today’s stories include:

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has accused Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, the new vice dean of the college of cardinals and the man who will likely preside over the next papal conclave, of having participated in the coverup of the sexual crimes of Marcial Maciel, the late, disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

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