Since the tragedy is so grand, so evocative and seemingly inevitable, it seems requisite to keep some historical record of the continued decline of the once-proud-and-great Catholic university, especially here in Canada. Since this seems to be an on-going theme, we will begin with episode 1, and continue – like Star Wars – until what might seem the grand finale. We hope that will be a resurgence of the one, true Faith, living and true and embodied once again on Catholic campuses, but, sadly, perhaps it will result only in rubble and ruin, already evident inchoately.

So we will begin with the recent debacle at King’s College at the University of Western Ontario. Founded in 1954 as ‘Christ the King College’, its original mission was to provide a pre-seminary liberal arts education to its all-male students, and is still affiliated with Saint Peter’s Seminary down the road. The ‘Christ’ in their title was dropped – an ominous sign – after their affiliation with the larger, secular University of Western Ontario in 1966.

One wonders which king they now serve, for just recently a small faithful band of pro-lifers presented a showing of the film Unplanned, exposing the baby-killing horrors of Planned Parenthood, to which a larger number of faculty members protested vociferously. After all, how dare they?

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