It is hard to describe 2019 in glowing terms for the Church, both in the United States and around the world. I will not recite every gory detail here but this year saw a further unfolding of the  drama of sexual abuse, the coverup of sexual abuse, and the deposing of several bishops and other clergy for this reason, and with more likely to follow in the year to come. All this led to further discouragement that ensued among both clergy and the faithful.

Can anything good possibly come from 2019? None of us can say for certain, but we do know that God can write straight with crooked lines; He can make a way out of no way. Some of God’s greatest gifts come in strange packages. Though I am a known critic of many of the events of the past two years, I would like to point out some positive effects that have occurred. I pray that these do not become overcorrections, which can sometimes be as bad as the evils they replace.

The laity has found its collective voice.

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