This past week I’ve heard a lot of people exchanging best wishes for the new year. One in particular caught my attention and gave me pause. It was a wish for a year of good vision. As I wondered about that, it dawned on me that the person was playing with the number of this new year: 2020. The wish for 20/20 vision in the year 2020 has probably been expressed often, but it was the first I heard it.

This wish for good vision is a helpful entryway into the message of Epiphany, which was celebrated Sunday. The word, as we know, means “revelation.” What is revealed in the feast of the Epiphany is that Jesus is saviour not only for the Jewish people from whom he was born but also for the whole world. His saving work is universal in its embrace.

That is what is revealed. But, do we have the clear vision needed to see it? Well, the wise men did. The narrative tells us that they “knelt down and paid him homage,” which is to say, they worshipped Jesus. Worship is an act reserved for God. They saw clearly, with 2020 vision, if you will, that this child, obviously human, is somehow also at the same time God, their God.

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