“I Cannot Be Silent!” – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI & Cardinal Robert Sarah Co-Author Book Defending Priestly Celibacy

By Giuseppe Pellegrino & Steve Skojec

Le Figaro has published a preview today (French language; paywall) of a forthcoming book co-authored by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah in support of priestly celibacy, entitled “Des profondeurs de nos cœurs” – “From the Depths of our Hearts,” scheduled to be released on January 15.

The two authors say that in recent months, “as the world echoed the din created by a strange synod of media that took precedence” over the real Amazon synod, they met, and “exchanged ideas and concerns.” They went on to pray and meditate, exchanging letters as they continued their reflections.

Praise the Lord

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes – Holy Family/Baptism – 2020 – Fr. Z rants about word accents and microphones

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass that fulfilled your Sunday Obligation? What was it?

There are a lot of people who don’t get many good points in the sermons they must endure.

For my part, since I am visiting my mother as I write, and I had no public Mass, I did not say anything.  However, I went to check out the comparatively recently instituted TLM at the parish in my mother’s town.  It was Low Mass.

Praise the Lord

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