Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

This Sunday we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. This Feast was celebrated from the earliest days of the Church. A quote from St. Maximus of Turin (380 AD-423 AD) helps to illustrate this fact, “Someone might ask, ‘Why would a holy man desire baptism?’ Listen to the answer: Christ is baptized, not to be made holy by the water, but […]

Praise the Lord

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Are You Struggling Financially?

It isn’t uncommon around this time of year for anxiety to set in, especially when the consequence of overspending at Christmas shows itself by way of incoming bills.

I happened across a short segment on a morning show the other day that described a couple that was—I think hundreds of thousands of dollars—in debt.  They briefly described in the segment how they got there, as well as the steps they took to free themselves from debt.  They outlined the usual warnings about credit card interest, budgeting and so-forth.

I think there are probably plenty of methods to help people figure out how to wrestle themselves out of financial ruin and it is, of course, always a good thing to try to do so in a responsible way through a trusted resource.  But part of the problem, I suppose, is that there is a need to change the way we do things, as well as what we do.

Praise the Lord

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And Admonition Against Lust From the Book of Proverbs

There is a marvelous chapter in the Book of Proverbs that ought to be studied by every young person who must live in this lustful world. It sets forth plainly the stance that any son or daughter of God should have regarding the lust so often celebrated by this age.

Many preachers and teachers wince at the Book of Proverbs on this topic since it tends to portray seduction and lust as coming from women.

However it must be recalled that Proverbs features a father speaking to his son. So the context is that of a young man experiencing seduction from a certain class of women (not all women)!

Praise the Lord

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Justice for Nick Sandmann — and All of Us

Last year during a Catholic school trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., Nick Sandmann and his peers were bullied by shameless activists and then belittled by shameless activist journalists. Now justice has begun.

CNN has agreed to some type of settlement with Sandmann for its reckless and false reporting, after the boy and his family filed an $800 million lawsuit against the television news company, The Washington Post and NBC Universal. Reality is about to hit the latter two companies also, and rightly so.

I am delighted to see this boy and his family defeat Goliath — and it’s a win for all of us, especially those who brave the weather each year to attend the March for Life as well as the West Coast Walk for Life, only to be heckled by those who defend the most abhorrent practices and (worse) largely ignored by the media.

Praise the Lord

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New York bishops condemn ‘dangerous’ surrogacy bill

Albany, N.Y., Jan 8, 2020 / 04:00 pm (CNA).- The bishops of New York stated their opposition to commercial surrogacy Wednesday as a new bill was introduced to legalize the practice in the state.

“The surrogacy legislation is designed mainly to benefit wealthy men who can afford tens of thousands of dollars to pay baby brokers, at the expense of low-income women,” said a Jan. 8 statement from Kathleen M. Gallagher, director of pro-life activities for the New York State Catholic Conference.

A bill, A.1071 / S.2071, has been introduced in the state legislature which removes existing prohibitions on surrogacy contracts in New York. The Empire State is one of the few remaining states in the country not to have legislation on surrogacy. 

Praise the Lord

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