Le cardinal Lacroix s’absentera pour subir une chirurgie

Le cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, archevêque de Québec, annonce qu’il subira au début janvier 2020 une chirurgie bariatrique. Il sera ensuite en convalescence pendant quelques mois.

« Prendre soin de sa santé représente pour chacun de nous un devoir fondamental afin de pouvoir accomplir la mission qui nous est confiée en y consacrant le meilleur de nos forces vives. Cette intervention produira des effets très bénéfiques pour ma santé », explique-t-il.

L’archevêque de Québec prendra une pause de ses différents engagements au sein du diocèse, de l’Assemblée des évêques catholiques du Québec, de la Conférence des évêques catholiques du Canada, ainsi que des Congrégations, Dicastères et Conseils pontificaux dont il fait partie à Rome.

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Dutch cardinal: Priests should ‘speak clearly’ on assisted suicide

Vatican City, Dec 16, 2019 / 05:06 pm (CNA).- A priest must say clearly to a person opting for assisted suicide or voluntary euthanasia that he is committing a grave sin, a Dutch cardinal told CNA this week.

For the same reason, a priest cannot be present when voluntary euthanasia or assisted suicide is performed. This might imply that the priest has no problems with the decision or even that “these morally illicit acts are not such in some circumstances according to the teaching of the Church,” Cardinal Willelm Eijk, Archbishop of Utrecht and an expert on euthanasia issues, told CNA.

A medical doctor before his vocation, Eijk dedicated his doctorate dissertation in the mid-1980s to the euthanasia laws. He leads a flock located in one of the countries with the most liberal euthanasia bill in the world.

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Religious Life or Marriage? Vocational Wisdom from the Parents of Saints

For years, a friend of mine wrestled with his vocation. Should I be a priest? Should I get married? Which one, Lord, are you calling me to? One roadblock stood in his way. Surprisingly, celibacy was not holding him back; rather, it was the Church’s teaching on the superiority of celibacy over marriage.

Like my friend, many Catholics have pondered this teaching when discerning God’s will. And many have concluded that since celibacy is the higher calling, then surely, I ought to become a priest or religious, for anything less would be inferior.

Sadly, many Protestants and even Catholics scoff at celibacy. They focus solely on the kingdom of Earth and not the kingdom of Heaven when they ask the question: why renounce such a good thing as the marital act, a wife, and children? But Our Lord, St. Paul, and St. Thomas Aquinas were clear on the objective superiority of celibacy over marriage. The Angelic Doctor once declared, “Virginity is more excellent than marriage, which can be seen by both faith and reason. Faith sees virginity as imitating the example of Christ and the counsel of St. Paul. Reason sees virginity as righty ordering goods, preferring a Divine good to human goods, the good of the soul to the good of the body, and the good of the contemplative life to that of the active life.” Moreover, the Council of Trent declared, “If anyone saith that the marriage state is to be preferred before the state of virginity, let him be anathema. … [W]riting to the Corinthians, [Paul] says: I would that all men were even as myself, that is, that all embrace the virtue of continence[.] … A life of continence is to be desired by all.”

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Analysis: Has Archbishop Paglia opened a new fight over ‘accompaniment’?

Vatican City, Dec 16, 2019 / 04:00 pm (CNA).- Last week Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said that the Church should “let go of the rules” regarding assisted suicide, adding that all Catholics have a duty to “accompany” those choosing to end their own lives. 

“I believe from our perspective, no one can be abandoned, even if we are against assisted suicide because we do not want to do death’s dirty work,” Paglia told journalists Dec. 10 following a two-day symposium on palliative care.

Paglia was responding to questions about a recent document released by the bishops of Switzerland, which said that pastoral caregivers should not be present during a person’s death by assisted suicide. While condemning suicide as “a great defeat”, the archbishop also said that “to accompany, to hold the hand of someone who is dying, is, I think a great duty every believer should promote.” 

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Analysis: The Vatican’s finance scandal, and faithful stewardship

Vatican City, Dec 16, 2019 / 03:40 pm (CNA).- On Oct. 1, Vatican police raided the usually quiet offices of the Vatican’s Secretariat of State. They packed up documents, computers, and files, and banned employees from entering the premises. Since then, security and financial officials have resigned their positions, the Vatican has been excised from an international intelligence organization, and the details of a series of investments involving shady figures and banks, violations of canon law, and myriad holding companies and investment funds have emerged.

Still, the Vatican’s unfolding financial scandal has not yet led to action at the Vatican. To understand why, it’s important to understand something about the scandal itself.

In fact, there are a few scandals.

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