Lifesite have this really sad article about the number of Catholic Dioceses with so-called “LGBT Masses”.

Salford, Clifton, Nottingham, Northampton, Middlesborough & Westminster dioceses are all mentioned along with sacrilegious religious artefacts daubed in the all pervading, garish LGBT rainbow and evidence of the explicit support of the bishops of all these dioceses. Of course, there is the same activity in my own diocese of Brentwood as well, where at least one priest is actively pushing the direct opposite of Church teaching and we have had a “gay Mass” in the Cathedral, although the Lifesite article doesn’t mention this.

To be honest I am not surprised at the news, especially as the leader of the Catholic Church in England & Wales, Vincent Cardinal Nichols, has so openly advocated for homosexuality over many years. He even openly supported a gay group banned by Cardinal Hume for opposing Catholic teaching.

Praise the Lord

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