I have not been well lately. Hence my absence from this Blog and from visiting yours.

Whilst lying in bed in real pain several negative thoughts crossed my mind.

I learnt that it is easy to wave one’s hands in the air and sing, “Halleluiah Praise the Lord”, when all is going well in our lives. But it is when you are really down that you get to know yourself and the extent of your Faith.

As the days passed, and the pain subsided from time to time, I looked around me.

So what if everything is not perfect. So what if the grass has not been cut because of all the rain we’ve had. And the trees and bushes need pruning. So what if the car needs washing and the house is full of ugly ornaments that friends with no taste have given us. So what if the dust on the TV screen needs re-arranging again.

What is important are our families, our friends, (including Blogging friends), our values and attitudes to life and so on. They may not be perfect, but it is our little bit of Heaven here on earth.

Some people go through life ensuring everything is perfect and pristine in case the Pope or some other famous personality may visit them.
I know for a fact the Pope is too busy to visit us. And if he were to visit he would probably comment that the colour of the curtains does not match that of the armchairs.

I think he should stick to religion and not interior design.

I am slowly getting better and hope to visit your Blogs soon.

Meanwhile, here is something serious for you to ponder:

What do you call a sleep-walking Pope?

A roaming Catholic.

Boo  … boom tshhhhh … every one’s a winner!

Sometimes I’m so funny it makes me laugh … but right now it hurts.

Praise the Lord

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