Another outstanding & comprehensive synopsis of the Amazon Synod from Raymond Arroyo, Robert Royal & Fr Gerald Murray at EWTN.

The Pope acknowledged the idols were “Pachamama”The posse asks how can we simply declare there was no idolatrous intent as Pope Francis did? How does that make it alright? Where was the theological dimension? This speaks to so much that goes on in Rome under Pope Francis. There was no definitive answer as to what the Pachamama idols were or where they came from or what their relevance or importance was. Instead, we were left to speculate — and there was a great deal of speculation!

I think, like the vast majority of Catholics, I wanted this to be something the Pope didn’t know about, something his poor management had allowed to happen, not something he wanted to happen. I even wrote about it, giving Francis the benefit of the doubt, desperately hoping he is on the side of Christ:

Praise the Lord

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