Gifts of love bless families in Bolivia

Gifts of love bless families in Bolivia

Since 2012, Chalice has worked with partners in Sucre, Bolivia to offer care and services to vulnerable children and families. In addition to sponsorship, our Levántate Mujer site is also involved in our gift catalogue program. At Christmas (and throughout the year,) kind Canadians can purchase gifts through our catalogue to be given to those in need. Thanks to our generous supporters, many children and families from our Levántate Mujer site were blessed with a variety of gifts this year!

Camila loves her new glasses!

Camila is a bright young girl that lives with her mother and siblings in Sucre. When Camila’s mother found out that Camila needed glasses, she tried to save up, but couldn’t afford to purchase a pair.

Camilla was thrilled when she received the gift of glasses through our gift catalogue! “It’s hard for my mother to make ends meet, so I could only dream of getting these glasses,” Camilla explains. “I am so happy and will be very careful with my new glasses so that they will last a long, long time!”

A wonderful aspect of our gift catalogue is that children don’t need to be sponsored to receive a much needed gift. Yoselin and Jhansen aren’t in our sponsorship program, but our site decided to support them due to their difficult situation.

Last year, Yoselin and Jhanen’s mother passed away, and they had to move in with their grandmother, who struggles to make ends meet. When Yoselin and Jhansen received the gift of school supplies and shoes through our catalogue, they were incredibly happy! “We are so grateful for the support,” smiles Jhansen. “We couldn’t afford new shoes, even though we really needed them. The school supplies will also last us the whole year. God bless the good people who made an effort to help us- it gives us the strength to carry on. I am sure that my mother would also pray for you,” he says.

Kevin and Benjamin

One of the most diverse gifts in our catalogue is the gift of a small business set-up for an aspiring entrepreneur. Recipients are able to purchase start-up supplies and receive training on how to manage their business and financials. 29-year-old Milenka is an hardworking and enthusiastic young woman. For the past 10 years, she’s been the primary caregiver for her two nephews, Kevin and Benjamin.

Thanks to the gift of a small business set-up, Milenka was able to start a small business with her younger sister Carla selling confetti on the weekends to be used at church services. With the profits, they are able to cover some of their university expenses and support their nephews.

“I want to thank all of the supporters of Chalice,” Milenka says. “It is now possible for me to provide a better quality of life for my nephews. God bless those who provide us possibilities to get ahead in life. Thank you so much!”

We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has put their love in action by purchasing a gift for someone in need through our catalogue. To view this year’s catalogue, click here. 

Praise the Lord

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Cantate Domino in Ottawa!

Cantate Domino in Ottawa!

Join St. Clement Parish in Ottawa for a Weekend of Sacred Music, November 22 – 23, 2019.

Featuring organist and chant director, David J. Hughes, the workshop begins at 7:30 pm on Friday, November 22 with Vespers, followed by an organ recital.

On Saturday, November 23, the parish will celebrate the Feast of St. Clement with a High Mass at 10:00 am, followed by a Chant Workshop beginning at 11:30 am. The workshop will culminate with 5:00 pm Vespers. Lunch is provided.

Pre-registration is required. Please call 613-281-3766 or email to register. The registration cost of only $20/person includes lunch.

St. Clement Parish is located at 528 Old St. Patrick St., Ottawa.

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"A woman of steel, in following Christ"

In Nigeria, elderly people are honored and celebrated when still alive. And even more so at their death. Charo Basterra had a strong constitution and had been going well even into her 80s. So two years ago, on her 90th birthday, there was a great outpouring of gratitude and love and joy from all the people she had helped come closer to God! She responded in a brief video, in which she told us how happy she was with our greetings for her birthday, and her wishes and prayers for us to be faithful to Christ, which in the end is the only truly important thing.

Praise the Lord

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