From time to time I get really stupid questions about my late term born alive abortion statistics. These abortions are all done after 20 weeks gestation.

The child is born after an abortion, is a alive, and then it dies. That’s all we know.

These morons make a comment or ask a question, I respond, and then they come back with really dumb comments like “I’m not going to read your blog” or “I can read” or “there’s no such thing as late term abortions”.
These are not my numbers. I didn’t make them up. They come from the Canadian Institute for Health Information. If you don’t like them it’s not my fault, you imbecile. CIHI gets them from hospital discharge records. If you don’t like the numbers, then stop believing it’s A-okay to keep killing these babies by abortion, any abortion. Before or after 20 weeks.
If you want to have a grown up conversation about these horrific killings of fully formed and often viable human beings left to die, I’m happy to do that. 
But if I see one more stupid comment you’re blocked. And have a nice day and give your stupid brain a rest. It needs it.
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