These FREE Catholic Mass Bulletin Printables are offered each month to help young Catholics learn at Mass. You are welcome to print and share with others. If you can afford it, click Support CKB on the right and donate to help pay for the time and effort put into these pages. Thanks!

The Catholic Kids Bulletin worksheets match up to the weekly Mass readings in the Catholic Church. There are coloring pages that match the weekly Gospel reading. There are activities throughout the month, along with Psalm copy work and a word search. The liturgy of the Mass is outlined along the top of each bulletin so kids can follow along during Mass and learn the order and structure of the Mass. Each week, a Catholic Saint is also highlighted. These are terrific to be used at Mass, or as a pre-teaching activity to help prepare your students for the Sunday Mass.
August Bulletins Include…

  • Saint Francis
  • Saint Jude
  • Saint Therese the Little Flower
  • Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
  • Ordinary Time

October Catholic Kids Bulletin

Octubre Boletín de Niños Católicos

Praise the Lord

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