With all the political excitement in the UK at the moment, it is important for us not to forget those in other parts of the world whose political turmoil has a more physical and menacing manifestation.

Innovative tacticsIt is impressive to see the resourcefulness of the protesters in Hong Kong as they have come up with effective home-grown tactics for dealing with tear gas canisters when they are continuing to bellow out their incapacitating fumes. A traffic cone placed over the top will contain the smoke to the extent that it goes upwards instead of spreading laterally. Then water poured down into the cone will dampen the gas completely. Here is the video demonstration:

When tear gas shell comes in, they place a traffic cone on top creating a “chimney” to stop the gas spreading; then pour water into the chimney to douse the shell. pic.twitter.com/sTfjbs3ifT— Antony Dapiran (@antd) July 29, 2019Another chap was in a viral video going up to a canister with a vacuum flask, shaking it up and then emptying the neutralised contents. After much speculation that he was using liquid nitrogen (there would have been billowing clouds of gas) the chap himself had contacted someone to let them post out on twitter that the flask contained mud. Being wet, it took care of the contents of the tear gas canister.

Praise the Lord

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