Eco-trad Husband Says Wife Must Freeze

On Monday I had the heat on in my office so that the apple juice would be nice and not-cold for the cider yeast. I enjoyed the cocoon of warmth so much, I put the heat on on Tuesday, too. But as soon as Benedict Ambrose came home, he turned it off and said this was worse for the planet than plastic-wrapped vegetables.

Praise the Lord

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Bellarmine, Clear in Mind and Soul

In the midst of the theological confusion in which our Church is mired, we could use a few more men with the clear, disciplined mind and soul of Robert Bellarmine (+1621), bishop, cardinal, doctor of the Church, Jesuit, back in the days when the Order was young and, shall we say, more united in their original mission to evangelize in the truth. Bellarmine was one of the most influential figures in what has unfortunately been termed the Catholic ‘counter-reformation’, which was really the Catholic Reformation in response to the ‘Protestant’ revolt of those who ‘protested’ against any number of dogmas

Praise the Lord