Archbishop Smith: Read the Instructions!

OK. I admit it. I’m one of those who waits too late to read instruction books. Somehow I have it in my head that I should be able to figure out how to set up a new gadget or use an unfamiliar product without needing to follow the how-to instructions. Anyone who knows just how mechanically or technologically challenged I am would see how preposterous such an assumption is on my part. Needless to say, by the time I do accept the fact that I should look at the directions, I’ve made a rather total mess of things. If anybody is nearby, the dreaded question is soon asked: “Why didn’t you read the instructions to begin with?”

Praise the Lord

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The Discipleship Path (24.C)

In the Christian classic The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis takes us into the classrooms of hell where a senior devil is instructing his nephew on how to destroy the spiritual life of a young Christian.Lewis had the brilliant idea that, by seeing things from the perspective of our enemy, we can understand his tricks and not be fooled by them.What if we take an imaginary tour into the same classroom today, not to study Satan’s strategy for ruining Christians, but rather his tactics for taking down the Church. What would be the enemy’s most effective means of blocking the mission

Praise the Lord

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