I Live With Mysteries

i live with mysteries now, content because… i am small finite, living in linear time on a flat plane of existence. Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counsellor?  Romans 11:34 i wear dark coloured glasses with blinders while. peering at the world as if i were the centre… Continue reading I Live With Mysteries

Praise the Lord

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Dina Belanger’s Quest

Blessed Dina Belanger, a home-grown Canadian saint whom we commemorate today, was a saintly young woman from St. Roch, Quebec, a concert pianist who dedicated her numerous gifts to God in the religious life, and who died of tuberculosis – from a worldly perspective, far too young – at the tender age of 32 on September 4, 1929.
Dina signified clearly the daily battle required to practise ‘heroic virtue’, to dig deep, and not just avoid the obvious vices Christ condemns, but pull up even their smallest and seemingly insignificant manifestations by their very roots, with consistent victories over self. This

Praise the Lord

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