On True Treasure

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Today, the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Word of God spurs us to reflect on what our relationship with material things should be.
Although wealth is a good in itself, it should not be considered an absolute good. Above all, it does not guarantee salvation; on the contrary, it may even seriously jeopardize it.
In today’s Gospel, Jesus puts his disciples on guard precisely against this risk. It is wisdom and virtue not to set one’s heart on the goods of this world for all things are transient, all things can suddenly end.
For us Christians, the real treasure that we

Praise the Lord

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Be Rich Toward God (18.C)

Today’s the feast of St. John Vianney, the patron saint of priests. It’s also the 12th anniversary of my appointment as pastor of Christ the Redeemer parish.Before I could become the pastor, Church law required that I make a profession of faith and promise to fulfill my office faithfully.  Since I was living in Rome when I got the Archbishop’s letter of appointment, I made that profession at the tomb of the Apostle Peter beneath the high altar of the Vatican basilica named after him.As if that weren’t blessing enough, it was the anniversary of my priestly ordination.Getting permission to say

Praise the Lord

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"Fraternally, Francis" – To the World’s Priests, Pope Sends Thanks Amid Scandals’ "Pain"

Thanks to the quirks of the calendar, today isn’t the feast of the patron of parish priests, St John Vianney – with few exceptions, the Sunday supersedes the memorial of the Cure of Ars. However, that today marks the 160th anniversary of the famously tireless French pastor’s death at 73 brought the release of a surprise letter from the Pope to all the 400,000-plus priests of the world: the first-ever missive to the global rank-and-file which specifically, and intensely, expresses a pontiff’s appreciation for their continued witness in the face of the burden placed upon them by the church’s ongoing torrent of abuse crises.

Praise the Lord

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