Truth and lies about pro-life people

Dear Canadian media,

I wanted to give you some important truths about the leading pro-choice group in Canada, Abortion Rights Coalition, and it’s founder Joyce Arthur. The media quote Arthur all the time, whether it’s about bubble zones, the movie Unplanned, crisis pregnancy centres, or any other topic concerning abortion.

But Arthur doesn’t exactly speak the truth about pro-life people.

You know the abortion bubble zone Ontario now has? Well it is there because of Joyce Arthur. It is not there because of any pro-life violence at Ontario abortion clinics.

Arthur began this crusade (one of many against us) by writing to mayor Jim Watson providing him with some of her “research” on the supposed need for a bubble zone. Mr. Watson then wrote to the (Liberal) attorney general who gladly enacted a bubble zone law. But Arthur’s “research” didn’t include any real research. Such as the police report I obtained from the Ottawa police that revealed that there were no charges and no arrests at the Morgentaler facility in Ottawa in a three and a half year period. This information does not support the need for a abortion bubble zone. In fact, when I asked the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner about possible police reports on pro-life violence in the entire province of Ontario, I was told:

“with respect to the police reports, I had followed up earlier with the ministry [attorney general] and they advised there were no police reports.”

Also missing from Arthur’s letter to Watson was abortion doctor Wendy Norman’s own 2012 study on Canadian facilities that shows how little harassment is actually happening at abortion sites:

“Facilities reported very little harassment (Table 4). No Canadian facility reported a resignation of an abortion provider–physician or any staff member owing to harassment. Only a single facility reported any resignation of an allied health professional staff member, and in this case the facility specified that the one resignation was not owing to violence, fear, or threats. Similarly, two-thirds of reporting facilities (49 of 74, 66.2%) indicated no episodes of harassment or violence in 2012, with a further 28.4% (21 of 74) reporting solely picketing without interference. Among 7 facilities reporting “other” episodes of harassment, half specified only receipt of harassing e-mail.”

Unfortunately, a lot of politicians, and even some average Canadians, believe the misinformation and untruths Joyce Arthur disseminates regarding pro-life people. She spreads a lot of untruths about us.

For some reason that I cannot fathom, politicians listen to her. I think it’s because they are afraid of her.

My friend Jonathon Van Maren spoke about this lie that pro-life people are violent, recently in his podcast which is about 20 minutes long. You really should listen to it.

In particular, Jonathon discusses Ms. Arthur’s fabrications that violence in Canada is perpetrated by pro-life people. In fact, it has been at least 20 years since any such violence has occurred. And all pro-life organizations and activists strongly condemn any such violence.

The flip side to this is, that there has actually been, and still is, a lot of pro-choice violence against pro-life persons. It is tragically a very common occurrence. You might say, “well I never hear about that”. And you would be right. This kind of violence is almost never covered in the mainstream media. Do you ever cover that fact?

Jonathon provides us with some very concrete vicious examples of the violence we endure. In fact, it would make far more sense to have bubble zones around pro-life people, than around abortion clinics.

Joyce Arthur and the Abortion Rights Coalition do not speak the truth about pro-life people. Quote her if you must. But please, what comes out of her mouth isn’t necessarily factual or the truth about us, and almost always is a lie.

Thank you.

Patricia Maloney
p.s please also listen to Jonathon’s latest analysis on Joyce Arthur’s current obsession regarding the movie Unplanned.

Praise the Lord

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