The wisest words come out of the mouths of pro-life people

“Post-abortive women implode, post-abortion men explode” 

“Operation rescue was instrumental in making the pro-life movement what it is today” 

“Abortion is as repulsive as cannibalism and slavery” 

Jason Jones

One of my favourite podcasts is from my friend Jonathon Van Maren’s unbelievably fantastic podcast. Jonathon discusses many topics. But it’s mostly his pro-life episodes that I listen to, where he interviews some of the most amazing pro-life people who live on plant earth.

I am always stunned how dedicated, insightful, hard working, and just plain interesting these people are. They blow me away. The quotes above are from such a recent podcast Jonathon had with Jason Jones.

You know if you compare what comes out of the mouths of pro-lifers, to what comes out of the mouth of the pro-abortions…well there really is no comparison.

The pro-aborts like to say things like my body my choice (a lie), women have a charter right to abortion (a lie), abortion is health care (a lie), and many other such non truths. They really have nothing of import to say at all about abortion. I guess that’s because there really is nothing good one can say about abortion. So their words are empty and meaningless and chock full of euphemisms. Of course, what can one say about the killing of defenseless, innocent, tiny human beings that makes any sense to anyone? Not much.

Listening to smart people like those who Jonathon interviews, gives me hope that we will win this culture war. The United States is doing it now. We in Canada can learn from our American friends. We can do it too.

Praise the Lord

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“Una stilla”: a reflection on the Precious Blood

The power of the blood of Jesus to redeem us from our sins is infinite. St Thomas puts it graphically by saying that one drop (una stilla) is enough to save the whole world from every crime. Here is the verse from the hymn Adoro te Devote and the unsurpassed translation by Edward Caswall:

Pie Pelicane, Jesu Domine,

Me immundum munda tuo Sanguine:

Praise the Lord

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