The Catholic Civil Rights League has joined Fr. Tony Van Hee in his constitutional challenge to Ontario’s bubble zone law, Bill 163, Safe Access to Abortion Service Act.

As well, Dr. Jordan Peterson mentioned Fr. Tony’s case in his June 10th newsletter when he referenced the recent article in the Ottawa Citizen on Fr. Tony’s case:


Charged priest uses charter freedoms in strike at abortion bubble-zone law

“He is 83, tiny and, in the eyes of the law, a threat.”
JBP: “Bubble Zone.” Where the laws of the Dominion no longer apply?
It does seem to be the case as sad as that seems–that Canadians are forced to go to court to protect their freedom of speech rights.
As we already know, Fr. Tony’s text for his signs were inspired from Jordan Peterson’s talk at the Ottawa Public Library on March 11 or 12, 2017.
Here is something Fr. Tony wrote about his work for the Interim back in 1996. It is still applicable today:

“Randall Terry, founder and leader of Operation Rescue, prisoner for Christ and the child in the womb, along with Joan Andrews Bell, Linda Gibbons and all pro-life prisoners of a conscience, are such powerful witnesses.

A small but essential key to such outstanding service, however, is simply showing up “for work” each day.

If I’m not in my place when the right moment [comes] along, God has to wait for another right moment. 

As Mother Teresa said, I’m not asked to be successful, but to be faithful. “Paul plants, Apollo waters, but God gives the increase.” Faith, fidelity, courage, perseverance, are my part.”

“O my Jesus, You do not give a reward for the successful performance of a work, but for the good will and the labor undertaken. Therefore, I am completely at peace, even if all my undertakings and efforts should be thwarted or should come to naught. If I do all that is in my power, the rest is not my business. And therefore the greatest storms do not disturb the depths of my peace; the will of God dwells in my conscience.” [Divine Mercy In My Soul, the Diary of St Faustina Kowalska, Marian Press, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, #952.]”

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