Island Lullaby

Posted January 29, 2019 7:56 pm by Anna Eastland

Island Lullaby

In Hawaii, the sun sinks into the sea
like a burning golden coin–
you can actually watch it slip below the surface.
The clouds show off their colours:
peachy orange and cotton candy pink,
dark grey accentuated by strips of shining gold.

After it’s done, the sunset hurrah,
deep darkness falls quickly.
The winding island roads are bathed in blackness.
Everything fades away except ohana, family,
the small circle of warmth
around you and and your loved ones,
sipping wine and sharing stories.

With no streetlights to prolong the day,
it soon feels so late and sleepy.
Bed beckons after a day on the beach.
You’re ready for the windy palm tree lullaby,
that endless rustling of

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