XVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B – August 5, 2018
Roman Rite
Ex 16.2-4.12-15; Ps 78; Eph 4.17.20-24; Jn 6,24-35
Ambrosian Rite
1Kings 18.16b-40a; Ps 16; Rom 11.1-15; Mt 21.33-46
XI Sunday after Pentecost
1) The problem is that one seeks the gift of God and not God as a gift.
The Gospel of this XVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time tells us about Jesus who invites the people to seek in him not only the one who feeds the body but above all the spirit. He says of himself: “I am the Bread of Life; whoever comes to me will never be hungry “(Jn 6:35)”.

Praise the Lord

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