Dissident Theology of the 20th Century:  A Commentary                               on Monsignor Vincent Foy’s “Arians of the 20th Century”
by Teresa BobrowAt first glance it might seem far-fetched to compare 20th century dissidence to thirdcentury Arianism.  Arius (250-336), a priest in Alexandria, Egypt, popularized Arianism, to which many a bishop at that time succumbed. Monsignor Vincent Foy wrote with urgency, warning against acceptance of 20th century Arianism, an outright denial ofChrist’s divinity. Gregory Baum and Teilhard de Chardin, were very influential in spreadingfalse teachings about Christ. Monsignor Foy calls them Arian heretics.Monsignor Foy emphasizes that once Arianism takes root, it does away with not onlyChrist’s

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