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Fixing sex ed is NOT enough! Teachers will sneak it under EIE and being “supportive” @archtoronto #onpoli

Cancelling sex ed is not enough!! ALL the same material is required and pushed by the Accepting Schools act and the Bill 13 activist GSA act
PDF: Catholic Facilitator Guide
check out the Catholic guide to the Accepting Schools act:

the following are just 2 teacher reactions to news yesterday that Wynne/Levin sex ed is cancelled.


these words like “diversity” are just codewords for pushing the transgender agenda etc
We know of Kimberley Rastin, the London Catholic school board teacher is proabort:

#OECTA #catholicteachers give Twitter award to teacher doing proabort tweets!! #oectaagm18 #oectaagm2018 #prolife

Public and Catholic schools remain just as dangerous as before the new sex ed is cancelled. OECTA will continuemto push genderbread

Praise the Lord

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