How St. Jean de Brébeuf became a living sacrifice of love.
“Therefore, my beloved Jesus, from this day on, with the feeling of joy I am now experiencing, I offer you my body, my blood, and my life…”
-St. Jean de Brébeuf
(Jean de Brébeuf, Latourelle, Rene, SJ, Editions Fides, 1999, pg 176.)
Ad majorem Dei gloriam.
An Ongoing Sacrifice
At Martyrs’ Shrine, there are many statues and replications of St. Jean de Brébeuf. Rightly so, both from a historical, as well as a spiritual perspective.
He was called “the Arkon” by the First Nations peoples of Huronia, meaning “the Ox” in the Wendat language. Truly, he

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