The new apartheid: being pro-life

Posted November 11, 2017 8:14 pm by Editor

The new apartheid: being pro-life
Obianuju Ekeocha, Culture of Life Africa

At the November Toronto activist meeting held by Campaign Life Coalition, CLC, the special guest speaker was Obianuju Ekeocha, founder and president of Culture of Life Africa. As a Non-Governmental Organization, NGO, ClC has been working for many years at United Nations with other world-wide pro-life organizations in an effort to push back their anti-family and anti-life agenda. Together with other pro-life groups ClC is trying to counter the exporting of abortion to more countries in the world.

Currently CLC has also teamed up with Ekeocha and her organization Culture of Life Africa. She has traveled to many African countries and parts of the world to expose how the United Nations and the abortion industry exploit vulnerable people by deceiving them into accepting abortion as a “right” that helps build the common good. However, abortion is not maternal care. Contraception is not about a person’s health. In 2016,  Ekeocha spoke at the annual March for Life Rose Dinner held in Ottawa by CLC. She urged those present to stand up for the unborn and reject any attack on the dignity and sacredness of life.

Canada’s current Liberal government headed by Justin Trudeau has allocated $650 million to bring abortion to poorer countries like Africa. The lie is used that intentionally killing the unborn child in the womb is a “human right.” This is not true. Ekeocha has come back to Canada to speak and encourage political and spiritual leaders to defend life. She wants people to know the truth about the harm the abortion industry causes and what Trudeau’s misguided foreign policy is doing to African countries.

Eckeocha stressed that African nations are not prepared to sell their dignity and respect for euros, pounds or dollars. Only four out of 54 African countries have legalized abortion. The majority are against abortion because of their values, traditions and religion. In Africa, blood lines are important to people. Human life is considered precious. Women have great respect for life and family.

Ekeocha cited the Muskoka initiative for newborn and child health is what African women need not abortion and contraception. The Muskoka program on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health was announced by the former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, in 2011. It’s goal was to improve health and save the lives of women and children living in poorer nations. Together with other countries $7.3 billion American dollars were to be used over five years to fund maternal, newborn and child health. Canada contributed $800 million to help reduce preventable deaths in 26 nations. When the Liberal government came to power the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau scrapped the Muskoka plan. Instead, $650 million is now being used to export abortion in the name of “maternal heath care.” Ekeocha has come to Canada to tell the government that abortion hurts the woman and families of Africa. Abortion destroys life and is against nature and God.

Ekeocha said that in Africa you have the women’s movement that truly represents what people think and believe and then you the feminist groups that are paid to do activist work pushed by Western countries and the United Nations. Feminist groups don’t celebrate motherhood, being a wife, family and womanhood. They have adopted a foreign agenda to embrace contraception and abortion. They get funding for their work from promoters like the United Nations, George Soros and the Gates Foundation. Convincing women about the false value of abortion is where the $650 million from Canada will go. This is why Canada cannot be trusted by other nations. Canada is peddling to the world the culture of death. Ekeocha stressed the point by referring to the 2006 Charter of Feminist Principles for African Women. The UN inspired document is an example of what most African women don’t believe; instead, it’s what other nations are forcing women in Africa to accept and bribing them with foreign aid. Ekeocha compared this policy to a new form of colonialism.

Ekeocha pointed out that the Charter contains many misleading statements like this one: “Freedom of choice and autonomy regarding bodily integrity issues, including reproductive rights, abortion, sexual identity and sexual orientation.” She said this is what the United Nations is forcing the women of Africa to believe. African women are so removed from this bureaucratic and deceptive language about maternal care. Besides, to even suggest that there are “reproductive rights” or “sexual rights” is a complete lie.

There is much hope in Africa for those who are pro-life. Ekeocha used Sierra Leone to make her case. In 2015, activists with foreign help managed to convince enough people and politicians to have a law enacted to make abortion legal. However, when the majority realized that pro-choice meant the legalization of abortion, they protested and appealed to the president not to pass the legislation. And to this day it has not become law. So, standing up for life and family can make a difference between life and death.

Ekeocha went on to share a personal observation. As a black woman, she is not afraid of discrimination because of her race. She can defend herself and others will listen. But the discrimination now comes from being pro-life and pro-family. And current laws cannot be used in one’s defence because they are anti-life and pro-death. In short, it’s become illegal to defend the unborn. Being pro-life and pro-family turns a person into an outlaw. This is the current ideological supremacy: it’s the apartheid of being pro-life.

Watch the posted video and see how Ekeocha uncompromisingly makes the case with the BBC interviewer for being pro-life. Life is the only choice. What African (and of Canada and the world) women need is better education, jobs and opportunities to raise a family, not contraceptives and abortion. Canadians should not be exporting abortion disguised as health to African nations or any other country. Canada has no right to do so. We have much to pray for and to learn from pro-life warriors like Obianuju Ekeocha.


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