Spotlight Parish: St. James, Georgetown

Posted October 12, 2019 1:45 pm by The Diocese of Charlottetown

Spotlight Parish: St. James, Georgetown

St. James Church, Georgetown Today

Spotlight Parish: St. James, Georgetown

This general area in earlier times was known as Three Rivers, formed by the Montague, Brudenell and Cardigan Rivers.   A few French families lived there awhile but in the mid-1770s they left the area after their property was destroyed by the invading English. 

Some Scottish pioneers from the 1803 Selkirk settlers put down roots in Georgetown Royalty and gradually families of different backgrounds came to live in the greater Georgetown area.  

The first Catholic settlers were named MacPhee, MacLellan, MacDonald, MacAulay and Morrison, all from Scotland, as well as Kearney, Kirwin, Burke

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