MOVIE REVIEW: The Angry Birds Movie 2

Posted September 11, 2019 11:19 pm by The Record

MOVIE REVIEW: The Angry Birds Movie 2

Animated characters Red (voiced by Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (voiced by Josh Gad), and Bomb (voiced by Danny McBride) appear in “The Angry Birds Movie 2”. Photo: Sony/CNS.

By Kurt Jensen
Much feathery fun is packed into The Angry Birds Movie 2 (Sony), the latest animated installment in the franchise based on the addictive phone app. In fact, in every respect, it’s far superior to, and more intelligent than, the 2016 original.
The filmmakers create not one but two romantic subplots, teach a heart-warming moral lesson about cooperation even when you don’t like someone else, throw in a slew of ’90s references to entertain

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