Fr. Art O’Shea Remembers Fr. Charlie

Posted September 11, 2019 2:44 am by The Diocese of Charlottetown

Fr. Art O’Shea Remembers Fr. Charlie

The recent death of Father Charles Cheverie has brought to a close an earthly life of intense prominence.     Having survived a near-death experience last December, he rallied remarkably in regaining most of himself again.  A son of the cathedral parish, he was an alumnus of nearby Queen Square School and a 1953 graduate of S.D.U. 

In Academic Robes

Willing to give seminary life a try, he again excelled by completing that 4-year study of theology, leading to his priestly ordination here in 1957.   Chosen by his bishop for further study, Father Charlie was assigned eastward to Rome for a Canon Law

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